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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The #TCOT Plan: A Common Sense Alternative Approach to Stimulate the Economy

Yesterday evening I posted an article about the #TCOT Plan and asked all of my readers to take the #TCOT Challenge. The #TCOT Plan is simple and would immediately infuse money into the economy in the hands of those who will spend it to increase sales and thus create demand again. This increased demand will then increase the number of jobs needed to meet that demand and decrease the number of unemployed workers in all areas of the job market.

The #TCOT Plan would immediately cut in half the amount of federal income tax withheld on each paycheck for the rest of 2009. It would also cut the corporate income tax in half for the same period. There you have it---instant infusion of capital into the economy for immediate use by all.

The #TCOT Challenge asks each person to look at their paycheck and see how much a 50% reduction in their federal withholding would put back into their pocket. Once you see how much you would receive per pay period, go to the comments area and LEAVE A COMMENT FOR YOUR LEGISLATORS telling them what you would do with this extra money AND whether you would prefer this plan or their bloated Stimulus package which would divert your money into some puny tax breaks that you might or might not qualify for, and a LOT of spending on projects that would either create jobs in the future or create one time jobs for projects that, once finished, are ......well..... over.

The goal of the #TCOT Challenge is to have 1000 responses by MONDAY MORNING!! Responses have been trickling in since these links went live yesterday evening, but there needs to be a tsunami of responses TODAY!! This means that you have to tell ALL of your friends and neighbors to give this a few minutes of effort TODAY. Even if your friends and neighbors are not politically engaged they are affected by the economy and , THEY WILL BE AFFECTED BY THE STIMULUS PACKAGE. The comments will be given to Senators Jim DeMint (R) and John Thune (R) to read from the floor of the Senate during debate tomorrow to show how REAL PEOPLE would use equivalent amount of money to the Stimulus package in jump starting the sagging economy.

If you can't muster the effort to take the #TCOT Challenge and stand up to those who are irresponsibly wasting your tax dollars, then BEND OVER AND GRAB YOUR ANKLES, because they are getting ready to have their way with all of us.

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