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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Health Care Reform is Necessary

Our health care system is in need of reform, but the reform might best be applied at the teat of the government pig rather than taking the insurance companies to task.

Today my office received the provider's newsletter from one of the Medicaid providers in Missouri. You know, the PUBLIC OPTION. The one you and I pay for with our tax dollars. In the newsletter, the provider boasted about the new programs for subscribers. Here are your tax dollars at work in Missouri:

  1. Patients will get a $30 gift card for every 5 OB prenatal visits that they attend.
  2. If you need a ride to get to your doctor's office, they will provide transportation.
  3. This PUBLIC OPTION provider will pay for memberships for children to join a local 4-H club, Boys or Girls Club, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, Girls Inc., Discovering Options or Select Caring Community Out-of-School Time Programs
  4. Oh, and the doctor will be paid $25 for a postpartum visit, WOW!!!

Ladies and gentlemen....THIS IS THE PUBLIC OPTION AT WORK. Providers get a pittance for seeing patients, BUT patients are paid to go to the doctor, rides are provided and their children's membership dues are paid to join after school clubs and activities.....all from taxpayer dollars that are ostensibly for health care. Just ask yourself....if you have private insurance that you or your employer pay for, do you get a free ride to the doctor if you want one? Do your kids get their extracurricular activities paid for out of your health insurance premiums? Do you get gift cards for visiting the doctor? I think not, and yet, if the government gets control of your health care, this is the kind of thing that will dilute out the dollars that are there for actual health care. Since there is only so much money in the pool to spend, and if these kinds of perks are part of the public benefit, when you need a serious medical expenditure, you can bet it will be scrutinized and possibly denied because it costs too much or there are no dollars left for it. In other words, your care will be rationed.

Yes, health care may be in need of reform, but it is the public option that needs the reformation. In addition to paring the fraud and abuse, the taxpayers might also want to demand that government programs actually pay for health care and ONLY health care. No wonder Obama and his minions tout the fact that those people who have the public option LOVE it!