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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Denny's is a Genius!!

Millions of people watched the Super Bowl last Sunday and whether you were into the game or just came along to watch the commercials, there is no doubt that you heard that today, February 3, 2009 from 6A-2P, Denny's was giving away a FREE Grand Slam breakfast to everyone who came in. This is the way to stimulate the economy---to hell with the Stim U Lose package!

My husband and I set out at 7 AM today to grab a little of the freebie breakfast and headed out to the Denny's down the street--you know the one that I pass each morning on the way to work. You know the one that would have 6 cars on the parking lot on a Tuesday at 7 AM. The lot was full to capacity and people were starting to park in places that really weren't designed for parking. We decided to go to another Denny's farther away that was located in a corporate complex, thinking perhaps it would be less well known. No luck and same thing!! So, needing to go to work, we did the honorable "spread the wealth" thing and went to a little neighborhood Mom and Pop diner and had breakfast there. By 8:30 AM, my husband was passing the first Denny's we visited and now there was a line of people spilling out the doors....and that was with a temperature of only 9 degrees outside!!!

So how does this help the economy??? Let me count the ways...
1. Millions of people dined at Denny's today who would not have done so otherwise...maybe they will come back again some time soon.
2. There were millions of cups of coffee, tea, soda, milk and juice and extra side dishes SOLD to go with those free beakfast meals.
3. The millions of diners who got free food, would, I hope, leave liberal tips for the servers who worked today during this incredible rush.
4. And lastly, those of us who could not stand around all day waiting for breakfast, but were up for dining out, went to neighborhood restaurants and spent money thus spreading the wealth around!

Tonight on the way home from work, I passed our local Denny's. At 7PM there were 10 cars on the lot! If you feed them, they will come!

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  1. Excellent since i did not watch the superbowl i did not know about the denny's thing but yes great idea.