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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kill Bill ---Time to drop the F-Bomb

Gird your loins---it is time to Kill the Bill with the F-bomb. It is time for the ordinary Joe and Jane to step up to the plate and become more vocal than ever in contacting all of the Senators and asking them to STOP the Spend-U-Lose bill in any form it morphs into. The fate of the Spend-U-Lose package rests with that august legislative body of our country known as the Senate. With the $820 Billion (really $1 Trillion plus if you count the interest on this "loan" from you and me) House version being touted as "simply a bad bill," but passed against the votes of 11 dissenting Democrat representatives as well as ALL of the Republicans, the Senate has the responsibility to "make it work," or fix it so that the legislature can go home for a President's day holiday (they work so hard!!!). So, rising to the occasion, the past few days have resulted in a laundry list of amendments to the house version of the bill, each pompously "debated" by senators on both sides of the aisle and then voted up when they are sponsored by Democrats and down when they are offered by the Republicans (not unexpectedly).

If you have never watched your legislature in action brought you you by the cameras of C-span, it is something you should do. You will see the pomposity, arrogance and stupidity of the people YOU have sent to Washington to represent you and spend your money. From committee hearings to floor debate it will both amaze and apall you! Since our legislature usually works banker's hours and makes sure that they never miss meals, I rarely get a chance to watch this circus played out...(I have a job that makes sure that I am in early, out late and I usually eat at my desk while I work)...but when I do, it never fails to amaze and reinforce the fact that the majority of our elected officials are worthless uses of skin.

The latest Rasmussen poll done this week reported that ONLY 37% of the population supports this messy, bloated Spend-U-Lose package. The more we the people see about this bill, the more it stinks to high heaven. Even the Democrats know that this thing stinks, because they have resorted to the used car salesman hard sell rhetoric..."This will only last for the next 2 hours, or if you don't buy this cream puff (read lemon) now, it probably won't be here tomorrow.." and if we fall for it, we do not have a buyer's remorse clause in the contract. The Dems have even have put out a call for poor Ted Kennedy, who was last seen having a seizure on Inauguration Day, to come back to cast a vote for this piece of crap.

So last night with the prediction of a Compromise bill coming down the pike and a Senate forced to "work" through the evening, I curled up to watch an episode of "Your Dollars At Work" brought to you by Harry Reid and the cast of 100! Just moments after I tuned in, the announcement was made by Sir Harry, with ruffles and flourishes, that a wonderful compromise had been crafted by a bipartisan group of sincere and gracious Senators with only the most lofty intentions in mind. This group of Heroes with supernatural powers had risen above the flotsam and jetsam of the legislative pollution to bring you this compromise bill that is $7 BILLION DOLLARS BIGGER THAN THE ORIGINAL HOUSE VERSION!!!! These wonderful ladies and gentlemen were:
  • Susan Collins (R) Maine
  • Arlen Specter (R) Pennsylvania
  • Ben Nelson (D) Nebraska
  • Joe Lieberman (I) Connecticut
Olympia Snowe (R) Maine is also expected to go along with the Compromise bill.

While the details of this bill were not there for discussion last evening, each of the crafters got some time to talk about their part in and support of this bill, and it didn't sound very different from the stinky bill that we already have come to know and hate. Details may be forthcoming over the weekend because the Senators will have to work today (WAHHHHH, WAHHH, WAHHH) and "debate" this some more.

Rebuttals against the compromise were given by selected loyal opposition with the lead off coming from Mitch McConnell (R) Kentucky as the Minority Leader. John McCain (R) Arizona gave an empassioned speech that, had he given in October and also stood against the first TARP bill, might have given him the election. John Thune (R) South Dakota gave a thoughtful and reasoned speech that fleshed out some of the points that McCain made. The most striking of the points made by these speakers is that this was NOT a Bipartisan effort when only 2 (maybe 3) turncoat Republicans will support the compromise.

Then the Senate went back to work and added a bunch of amendments to the original Spend-U-Lose package and voted against some very good amendments that would remove parts of the bill and relegate them to appropriations procedures in the future. The most laughable of these was an amendment sponsored by Senator David Vitter (R) Louisiana which would remove the $40 Billion in this package that would go to ACORN. Senator Vitter cited the role of ACORN in the sub-prime mortgage debacle that started this ball rolling and the role of ACORN in election fraud through the years. Senator Richard Durbin (D) Illinois rose and delivered the most pompous, arrogant and transparent response. He turned toward Senator Vitter and ceremoniously railed against this amendment calling on the old chestnut of Hurricane Katrina and making it seem that ACORN had single handedly saved New Orleans. How anyone can stand there and say such stupid things is WAY beyond my ability to comprehend. Then the amendment was voted down, so ACORN is still alive and well in the SPEND-U-LOSE bill.

While all of this was being played out in Washington, Joe Biden, the gaffe machine, was at a Democrat retreat where he told the attendees that there is a 30% chance that this Spend-U-Lose package WILL NOT WORK. He also warned that if it doesn't work, those who support it will be nailed as responsible in the next round of national elections. So, if this is a huge gamble for the political futures of the Democrats and squishy Republicans (not to mention WE THE PEOPLE), what's the rush? Why not step back and work this out in a way that will be best for those who provide ONGOING jobs as opposed to one time jobs that, when done, disappear? Why not strip ALL of the fat from this bill and look at the presentation of SIGNIFICANT tax cuts for small business and ordinary people who are the ones that create jobs and are being hurt by the current economic climate. Why not think about something very novel that will put money into the hands of working men and women instead of the arts, ACORN and STD testing? This is a high stakes game that is being played with unprecedented amounts of OUR money and to hear this should make EVERYONE say WHOA!!! Is this the "gird your loins" challenge that he warned of???????

So back to the task at hand. A grassroots plan has been proposed that would infuse tons of money into the hands of taxpayers right away. You want responsible, targeted, timely and transparent, this grassroots plan is exactly that. EVERY resonsible moderate Democrat and EVERY Republican should stand against the current and compromise crappy plans that are lumbering through the legislature. It is time for the F-bomb...stop this Spend-U-Lose bill with a filibuster. Voters are watching their every move and will not forget who put us in this uncomfortable position. There is still time to bombard the Senate phone lines, emails and Fax lines to let them know that Biden was right...We WILL hold them ALL responsible for CONTINUED irresponsible spending and use of our tax dollars at the voting booth in 2010 and beyond. And when they get this wrong, Biden and Obama will be at the top of the S***list as the leaders of the pack.

Debate on the Compromise will start at noon EST and you can watch it live on C-Span or stream it live on http://www.c-span.com. Then, when your head is about to explode and blood is shooting out of your eyes (should take less than 30 minutes), pick up your phone, Fax, email or pitchfork and storm the Senate with your outrage and indignation!! If you behaved as irresponsibly at YOUR job, you would get fired. Well, ladies and gentlemen, in case you forgot, WE ARE THEIR BOSS!!

If I have to spoon feed you, Senate Contact information can be found here:


  1. Woman, you are so right! I sit and watch for about an hour then go take my blood pressure med's and take a break! I cannot believe what America is becoming! These fools need replaced! I vote for a 2 term limit. They are all crooks! A very well written article!

  2. i am also asking my readers to call their Senators, Dem or Rep it does not matter, this is a horrible nasty nightmare and well it should not pass period!!!