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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pain at the pump

Like the weather, everybody talks about it. The daily news makes a point of informing us of the national average price of gasoline and the daily fluctuations in the price of crude oil. When we fill up our cars, we wince at the final receipt, but we do it anyway because we have to get to work (at least those of us who still have jobs). But, like the weather, no one seems to do anything about it.

The other night I went to the gas station to fill up because it was supposed to rain the next day and I didn't want to stand in the rain in the morning filling my car with gasoline. I also wanted to take advantage of a small decrease in the pump price before it went up another 15 cents overnight. So, I pulled up to the pump, fished out my credit card and approached the pump. As I moved to the pump, my eyes went to the previous transaction still displayed on it. The total purchase was $3.00 and the amount of gasoline dispensed was 0.77 gallons. I looked again, because frankly, I thought I had misread the display. Then I realized the painful reality of the situation. I was looking at the widow's mite of gasoline transactions. Someone had put their last dollar into the gas tank and didn't even get a gallon of gas for their trouble.

Had I been there when the transaction happened, I know that I would gladly have filled their tank as I have done this before when panhandled at a gas station....but I wasn't there and I thought sadly of the plight of the person who was there before me. With a highly fuel efficient car, they could likely only have gone 20-25 miles, on a motorcycle, perhaps 45-50 miles, but someone who can only afford to put 0.77 gallons of gas in their car likely drives a beater that is not fuel efficient and may be relegated to a much shorter drive.

Our President has said that people should buy more fuel efficient cars, but if one can only afford to buy gasoline 1 gallon at a time, it is not very likely that they can pony up $40K for an electric car or a hybrid vehicle. Besides, even if they could afford the $40K electric car, I have never seen a charging station anywhere. Personally my commute one way is 27 miles, so even with an electric car I might not be able to get home even if I charged my car fully everyday....not very practical in the very large country in which we live. The reaction of the President to the high price of fuel is to appoint a committee to look into speculation.....Big woo. Let's face it, the President is sabotaging our country at every turn in order to advance his green agenda and is crippling us. The best thing we can do for our country is to work diligently against the re-election of this President and the rest of the progressive incumbents in the House and Senate.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Size does matter

With the peaceful and respectful transfer of power in the House of Representatives yesterday, Nancy Pelosi (D) CA remarked that the gavel that she was passing to John Boehner (R) OH was very large.

In fact, it was larger than the gavel that she marched through DC after the passage of Obamacare. No matter that the gavel was a gift to Speaker Boehner by a friend in honor of this occasion, the gigantic gavel could be symbolic of the size of government at the start of Speaker Boehner's tenure. One can only hope that when Speaker Boehner hands the gavel off to another Speaker somewhere down the line that it is a very tiny gavel that symbolizes what he has been able to accomplish during his time as Speaker of the House.