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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Where would you rather live?

Today, the Rasmussen Report published statistics on a recent poll of 1000 likely voters that indicated that 79% of those polled believe that in spite of the problems we are having, America is still the best place in the world to live. Then the pollster went on to indicate that this number is down from the same survey conducted in June, 2010 when 82% indicated that given the chance they would still stay in the USA.

On the surface, this sounds positive, but it goes without saying that there are still 21% of respondents who, given the opportunity, would choose to live somewhere else. Go to a mall and walk around this weekend. Look at the people around you. 1 in 5 of the people you encounter don't like our country and would prefer to live elsewhere. That is truly disturbing, particularly in light of the fact that there are few places on the globe that these people could freely express their dissatisfaction without personal or political repercussions. If you think our tax structure is oppressive or our health care system is broken, look around and see that in places where taxes might be lower, other aspects of life are less welcoming. If you prefer another country's health care structure, you need to be prepared for oppressive taxes and long lines to wait for that universal medical care paid for by.....guess what.....more taxes on the backs of the waning number of citizens who are still working and being productive.

Come on, people, the socialized countries in Europe are paying the dues of heavy taxation and a government dole that is out of control. Riots broke out when President Sarkozy and the French government dared to suggest that the retirement age in France should be increased from 60 to 62. While we watched the news in the run up to that vote, we saw rioters in the streets, cars burning and rampant vandalism...a lot like Detroit in the run up to Halloween. The rioters managed to cripple metropolitan areas by keeping gasoline from being sent to gas stations so transportation was hobbled. European countries are very good at "worker strikes" and it is a game played by workers and students to cripple a city or a country on a regular basis when things aren't to the liking of the "workers." Look at France and Germany who are moving away from some of their social programs in order to save their own economic hides. Where on earth would there be a better place to live than in America?

If you are one of the 79% who still believe that America is the best place on earth to live, make sure that your voice is counted on Tuesday to keep it that way. VOTE on November 2, 2010 to keep America strong and free.