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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Arlen, Susan, Olympia--We are taking the #TCOT Challenge

As the Republican turncoats in the Gang of 4, Arlen Specter (R) PA and Susan Collins (R) ME have a lot to answer for in their squishy justification for the minimally modified Compromise Spend-U-Lose bill. Lauded by Harry Reid for their magnanimous gesture of bipartisanship, these two traitors are now being asked "What were you thinking?"

Today on Fox News, Susan Collins was called upon to defend this compromise bill. She said that she was proud that the compromise cut $100 Billion from the original bill----Big freakin' deal, Susie---there is still $700+ Billion of spending in it and that is TOO MUCH. When pressed about why she would support this, she indicated that there was urgency to get this done, and if passed, it would go to conference to rectify the differences between the House and Senate versions. She went on to say that she would still vote against the bill if the reconciliation bill was too "porky." A rather lame response.

So what about Arlen??? He's up for re-election in 2010, but he is also 80 and probably doesn't care that much. That said, I would think that the people of Pennsylvania would care, after all Arlen is playing with their money. In an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Specter said that the compromise bill was "the best they could do." A pretty lame response, if I do say so, made sillier when Specter went on to bad mouth the bill.

Specter said he had already noted "certain grave concerns" with the stimulus legislation and had asked President Obama why he was "wedded" to completing action on it by Feb. 13. Specter said he told Obama this was too fast "for a bill of this magnitude."

But he said that Obama had stressed the urgency of action, so while "I don't like it," Specter said, "we're responding to this timetable."

Parts of the bill "give me heartburn," Specter said.

He outlined some of the $145 billion in spending reductions made to get to the consensus bill - for example, child care was allotted $2 billion initially, but $1.4 billion in the tentative deal. Many people are unhappy with such reductions, "but absent this bill, they get zero," he noted.

And the bad point of that is........?

"There are reasons to argue that it's a bad bill," Specter said, "but I do not believe that there is any doubt that the economy would be enormously worse off without it."

So, Susan says that the compromise bill could get unacceptable during reconciliation and Arlen says that we needed to do something right now and we made this crappy bill to make Obama happy.

So why do we need to bow to this bill? Are there no other alternatives?? #TCOT, a grassroots organization arising from the internet social media and blogosphere has proposed their own alternative bill and it is a thing of beauty. The #TCOT Plan would cut ALL personal and corporate income taxes in half immediately for the 12 months of 2009.

Lost revenue over the 2009 Calendar year would be approximately $800 billion (A full $900 billion less than the current version of PORKULUS floating through the Senate). This is based on 2007 Federal personal income tax receipts of approximately 1.2 trillion, and Corporate income tax receipts of approximately $345 billion.

The plan is simple, easy and puts all of the money in the pockets of Mr. and Mrs. America to do with as they wish. Which would you prefer??? A bunch of tax money borrowed from YOU that goes to STD's and ACORN.... or...... half of your federal tax withholding put back into YOUR pocket to use as you see fit???? If you aren't sure, get out your last pay stub and look at the amount taken out for federal income tax, cut that amount in half and see how much your take home pay would increase.....easy, breezy.

Click this link to Take the #TCOT challenge whether you live in Pennsylvania, Maine or everywhere else. Leave your comments for Arlen, Susan and YOUR Senators and Representatives telling them which plan you prefer and what you would do with this extra money in your pocket. If you like #TCOT's plan, demand that they scrap the whole Stim-U-Lose bill and start over with a plan that really will really work.

Take the #TCOT Challenge now!

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