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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Americans Will Rise to the Challenge without Stimulus

With the Federal legislative reconciliation committee working overtime to get the Spendulus bill ready for presentation with an apple in its mouth, American's are becoming increasingly distrustful of the package and the RAMifications of its passage. At set of 13 mini speeches that served as a press conference on Monday, President Obama blew off a question about TARP II and teased the presser scheduled for the next day by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Like the Monday night press conference, it failed to live up to its billing and Geithner was left looking like a fool without a real plan for spending $1 Trillion ADDITIONAL tax dollars.

So, do we REALLY need a SPENDULUS plan??? No, we need a STIMULUS plan.

A grassroots, netroots conservative plan has been wending its way through the blogosphere for the past week and it sounds like a better plan than anything that has been offered by any government source. The plan is simple and provides targeted, immediate stimulation of the economy with obvious immediate chances for job creation. The plan is best known at the TCOT Plan. It doesn't take thousands of pages to outline, in fact it can be put on one sheet of paper. The plan, pure and simple asks government to immediately cut the federal withholding tax in half for all taxpaying individuals and corporations and maintain this cut for the rest of 2009. With the addition of money in the pockets of individuals and corporations, people could spend more, do more, give more to charities, and afford additional education. Employees would cost less to employ, and as a result of increased spending, demand for goods and services would also increase, thus creating or re-creating lost jobs.

Since it was posted on Friday, hundreds of ordinary Americans have left comments on the internet on how this plan would impact them vs. how the Spendulus plan would impact them. Overwhelmingly, the responses are enthusiastic in support of this sort of stimulus and most of the responses suggest very common sense uses of the money to pay down debt, pay down mortgages, pay for health related issues like dental work, pay for tuition to go back to or continue in schooling and buy or maintain cars. Many people also suggested that savings was a priority once debts were reduced or eliminated. Sounds like common sense to me. Small business owners all felt that reinvestment to grow and expand would be a priority for them with increased money in their pocket. Many people also mentioned increasing support of church and charitable organizations that would result with more money in their pocket.

Tomorrow night, February 12, 2009, TCOT has challenged conservatives all over the nation to host small house parties and invite your guests to compare the TCOT Plan with the government's Spendulus plan and then talk about what you would do with the additional money in your wallet with each plan. TCOT is planning to feed this information live to media outlets during the evening time period. If you can host a house party, let them know and plan to participate in helping to take down the Obama Spendulus bill. This is the same tactic that got BHO elected with grassroots small groups working to empower ordinary people. Well, lets give them a taste of their own neighborhood organizing.

Yesterday, on our local FM Talk station, during AM drive time, a woman caller called the station and identified herself as the wife of a local small businessman who had a small printing business that he had helped to build over the past 20 years. She indicated that the business was in jeopardy now due to economic conditions. The host finally asked her to disclose the name of her husband's business and then asked the listening audience to think of them if they were looking for a company to do printing. That was the end of the topic......until today.

This morning, the same woman sent an email to the host thanking him for the gesture yesterday and letting him know that they received several orders for printing jobs yesterday as a result of the radio recognition AND a local wholesaler of printing ink GAVE them ink to help them out. THIS IS HOW AMERICA RISES TO MEET CHALLENGES.


  1. Carolyn I agree that regular ordinary folks have the solutions to the issues we are facing. The problem exists because we don't know who to speak to, and then the government does not listen. People get frustrated and just begin to accept what is happening.

  2. Mel--All the more reason to continue to be vocal. As the old saying goes, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Thus we need to continue to be as vocal as possible. We are engaged in a game of chicken and the one who blinks first loses.

    If you have children, you know that when they really want something they will beg, plead, charm, even have a tantrum, and do everything to get you to come on their side. Well there is a war of wills now and we need to give back in kind because Obama and his administration and complicit Congress are doing the same thing to wear us down. We are bombarded with the Obama charm tour to boost the Stimulus package and all the while there are other equally noxious plans being hatched while we are focused on the stimulus. The lack of responsiveness to their Constituents of many pro-Stimulus senators and representatives is just another way to wear us down and make us frustrated so that we just go away or give in.