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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tales from the Sidewalk

The Million Med March in St. Louis, November 21, 2009. One of 23 simultaneous rallies over the entire nation and sponsored by Docs4PatientCare and MillionMedMarch.

On Sundays the North County Patriots meet for street side demonstration from 3-4:30 PM along North Lindbergh. Today we had enough patriots that we were able to send people to both sides of the street. We had an entire family, right down to Grandma , join us for the first time. A first happened today when a lady drove up and presented our group with several gift cards from a local restaurant she had purchased for us as a Thank-you for standing for conservative values week after week in all kinds of weather!

Health Care Bill!

Yesterday I had the privilege to be a part of the Million Med March that took place all across the US at noon in 23+ cities. Doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and our patients came together to protest the takeover of 17% of our gross national product under the guise of improving health care in the United States. We already have the best health care in the world and a total takeover in the name of a fix is not what we need. As one speaker pointed out, if the kitchen sink was dripping you would fix it and not remodel the entire kitchen! So should it be with health care in the USA.

There are certainly places to fix in what we currently have, but these do not require an entire gutting of the system. If there is fraud and waste in the Medicare and Medicaid system, FIX IT NOW. If there needs to be tort reform, FIX IT NOW. If Health Savings Accounts will allow young people to buy catastrophic insurance and self insure for mundane medical events, KEEP THIS OPTION! There is no precedent for the federal government forcing anyone to have insurance for anything! Yes, the federal government has a flood insurance program, but it is voluntary. If you don't have it and you sustain a loss in a flood, you are holding the bag for restoration or a new place to live. STATES require minimal automobile insurance coverage to protect the owner from the liability of damage that they cause to another. The idea of fines and jail sentences for not having health insurance is unprecedented and could be deemed unconstitutional.

And for the final affront to you and me, costs of these programs that are being forced on us by the federal government will be pushed off to the individual states to fund. The states will be responsible for the increased numbers of people who will be pushed onto Medicaid and other public programs for their health care. Guess where the states will get their money for this?? You betcha...you and I will be paying more for both our state and federal taxes and you can bet your bottom dollar (and we are getting right down to that) that we will be getting a lot less for our money. Sure you can keep your doctor if you like them......as long as they stay in practice. Sure you can keep your health plan if you like it......as long as NOTHING is changed in your plan or as long as your employer decides to provide it rather than pay a fine that might actually save them some money. After all, you aren't left in the lurch......Now there is a public option for you!

A highlight of the afternoon was the appearance of Health Care Bill who exemplified all that is wrong with the legislation that proposes to fix our health care.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Major Hasan and Obama's Moral Dilemma

In the wake of the Ft. Hood shootings by Major Nidal Malik Hasan, Soldier of Allah, the military has chosen to charge this home grown terrorist with 13 counts of premeditated murder. (This should be 14 cases, as one of the slain soldiers was a pregnant woman, but in keeping with the mindset of the Obama administration the unborn don't count.) The charges leveled against Maj. Hasan carry the death penalty and he will be tried in a courts-martial. This decision is interesting as President Obama will have to sign off on the death penalty in order for it to be carried out.

This raises a dilemma for our president who is the amalgamation of all things politically correct. While he is fiddling around, Afghanistan is burning and this week he assured the people of Ft. Hood that all questions will be answered and justice will be carried out. Does he realize that in order for Major Nidal Malik Hasan to be executed, Barak Hussein Obama will have to agree to this?

According to the Manual for Courts-Martial United States 2008 Edition:
Rule 1207. Sentences requiring approval by the President:
No part of a court-martial sentence extending to death may be executed until approved by the President.

This could give our president yet another opportunity to throw America under the bus. If the military court finds Major Hasan guilty as charged and directs that he be executed, the president will have to have a mental conversation that might go something like this........"Hmmm....if I order his death I am turning on my Islamic brothers, but if I do not agree to this order I will be viewed as a turncoat by the American people....Islam ....America....Islam......our military......Islam...." It may be that the tough decisions will not be made by anyone but our President who seemingly cannot make up his mind on anything.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rolling on the River!

PT Cruiser clubs do it. Motorcycle clubs do it. Classic car clubs do it. Cyclists do it. What better to do on a beautiful fall Saturday afternoon with the high temperature a balmy 72 degrees than to take a road trip! So that is what the a group of St. Louis conservatives did yesterday. They got in their decorated cars and loosened their shoes so that their carbon footprints could expand and they took to the St. Louis County roads to bring the message of smaller government, lower taxes, no Cap and Trade and true health care reform rather than health care takeover to the rest of the citizens who were doing their Saturday things. The route covered 50 miles of the busiest roads in the county where visibility was maximum.

More than 30 cars gathered in South County or joined in at multiple drop-in points along the way for a Rolling Tea Party. There was, as usual, good camaraderie, prizes for the best decorated vehicle, and concern for the path that this administration is taking us. We had so much fun that it wouldn't surprise me if we do this again sometime.

Thanks for all who helped put this together including My Conservative Group and representatives from Smart Girl Politics, I Heard the People Say.org and The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition. The challenge for the future is to take this to Obama country in the land of Rep. Lacy Clay to wake up some of his constituents!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Have you said Thank You to a veteran?

This is a "thank you" to all the veterans of any age for the time and personal sacrifice that you gave from your own life for the cause of freedom. In particular, I would like to thank the Viet Nam veterans who were not thanked when they returned home and have been waiting over 30 years for proper respect. One of these veterans is my husband who volunteered (not drafted) for service in the Viet Nam war.

Another group of veterans to whom we still owe a great debt of gratitude are the dwindling number of World War II veterans who gave their all for the cause of world freedom. One of those is my uncle who is now 90. This fall, he came to visit us all the way from the other side of the country and during an evening around our kitchen table, he opened up with stories of his service in World War II that I had never before heard. My uncle told story after story of what he did during the war. Perhaps it is because he is nearing the end of his own life, or perhaps the doors were opened when he was asked to be the Grand Marshall at his local Memorial Day parade this year. And yes, this is really his old uniform, worn proudly. THANK YOU.