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Monday, November 16, 2009

Major Hasan and Obama's Moral Dilemma

In the wake of the Ft. Hood shootings by Major Nidal Malik Hasan, Soldier of Allah, the military has chosen to charge this home grown terrorist with 13 counts of premeditated murder. (This should be 14 cases, as one of the slain soldiers was a pregnant woman, but in keeping with the mindset of the Obama administration the unborn don't count.) The charges leveled against Maj. Hasan carry the death penalty and he will be tried in a courts-martial. This decision is interesting as President Obama will have to sign off on the death penalty in order for it to be carried out.

This raises a dilemma for our president who is the amalgamation of all things politically correct. While he is fiddling around, Afghanistan is burning and this week he assured the people of Ft. Hood that all questions will be answered and justice will be carried out. Does he realize that in order for Major Nidal Malik Hasan to be executed, Barak Hussein Obama will have to agree to this?

According to the Manual for Courts-Martial United States 2008 Edition:
Rule 1207. Sentences requiring approval by the President:
No part of a court-martial sentence extending to death may be executed until approved by the President.

This could give our president yet another opportunity to throw America under the bus. If the military court finds Major Hasan guilty as charged and directs that he be executed, the president will have to have a mental conversation that might go something like this........"Hmmm....if I order his death I am turning on my Islamic brothers, but if I do not agree to this order I will be viewed as a turncoat by the American people....Islam ....America....Islam......our military......Islam...." It may be that the tough decisions will not be made by anyone but our President who seemingly cannot make up his mind on anything.


  1. Boy, are you weird!!


    We have read with concern the many signs Major Hasan provided which would indicate an unstable and potentially dangerous frame of mind. Our concern is that those who actually saw and heard the signs and those to whom the signs were reported did not act upon them. From Hasan’s contact with a radical imam, to the initials SoA (Son of Allah) on his business card, to his comment that he was a Muslim first and a soldier second – there is no doubt the signs that he was potentially dangerous were there for all to see.

    Furthermore, he was under surveillance by two Terrorist Task Forces, one with Department of Defense oversight and the other with FBI oversight. So why wasn’t he stopped?

    The answer is quite simple – The military does not have an objective and culturally neutral system that collects information and evaluates it to determine the degree (or level) of aggression an individual is displaying, nor has it people who have a clear responsibility to observe and report this information within an objective system nor a team who is responsible to evaluate it and respond. The military does not have the AMIS solution and it desperately needs it! Major Hasan has illustrated out vulnerable we are, learn more about the problem and the solution by reading our Blog: http://Blog.AggressionManagement.com

  3. The army recruited and trained Major Hasan long before Obama became president, so how can Obama be responsible for Hasan's actions?

  4. How come the dumb comments are always listed by Anonymous? Probably because they are a product of the US public educational system where they never learned to read.

    If you are commenting about my posting, I never said that Obama was RESPONSIBLE for Major Hasan and his actions. I said that Major Hasan was now OBAMA's PROBLEM.

    President Obama has been soft on military, apologetic to Islam and has thrown Americans under the bus all over the world by bowing and scraping to all sorts of dignitaries and giving speeches derogatory to America. Even the French have commented on his appearance of weakness......so.....if and when a military courts martial reaches a sentence of death for Major Hasan, President Obama will have to make a very tough decision to either concur with the death penalty for an Islamic terrorist or, once again, show weakness by standing against the military penalty and showing softness for the Islamic terrorists.