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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Health Care Bill!

Yesterday I had the privilege to be a part of the Million Med March that took place all across the US at noon in 23+ cities. Doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and our patients came together to protest the takeover of 17% of our gross national product under the guise of improving health care in the United States. We already have the best health care in the world and a total takeover in the name of a fix is not what we need. As one speaker pointed out, if the kitchen sink was dripping you would fix it and not remodel the entire kitchen! So should it be with health care in the USA.

There are certainly places to fix in what we currently have, but these do not require an entire gutting of the system. If there is fraud and waste in the Medicare and Medicaid system, FIX IT NOW. If there needs to be tort reform, FIX IT NOW. If Health Savings Accounts will allow young people to buy catastrophic insurance and self insure for mundane medical events, KEEP THIS OPTION! There is no precedent for the federal government forcing anyone to have insurance for anything! Yes, the federal government has a flood insurance program, but it is voluntary. If you don't have it and you sustain a loss in a flood, you are holding the bag for restoration or a new place to live. STATES require minimal automobile insurance coverage to protect the owner from the liability of damage that they cause to another. The idea of fines and jail sentences for not having health insurance is unprecedented and could be deemed unconstitutional.

And for the final affront to you and me, costs of these programs that are being forced on us by the federal government will be pushed off to the individual states to fund. The states will be responsible for the increased numbers of people who will be pushed onto Medicaid and other public programs for their health care. Guess where the states will get their money for this?? You betcha...you and I will be paying more for both our state and federal taxes and you can bet your bottom dollar (and we are getting right down to that) that we will be getting a lot less for our money. Sure you can keep your doctor if you like them......as long as they stay in practice. Sure you can keep your health plan if you like it......as long as NOTHING is changed in your plan or as long as your employer decides to provide it rather than pay a fine that might actually save them some money. After all, you aren't left in the lurch......Now there is a public option for you!

A highlight of the afternoon was the appearance of Health Care Bill who exemplified all that is wrong with the legislation that proposes to fix our health care.

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  1. Have kids and never have a moment of peace? Just wanted to take a bubble bath or even go pee? How about slavery? Didn't they at least have a moment they could breathe fresh aire? Were you ready to have your every move monitored with a healthcare bill passing...your freedoms are at stake more than you ever thought possible.