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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Worm has Turned

This morning, Senator Arlen Specter of PA, showed the true colors that we already knew him for and announced that he is switching from the Republican Party to the Democratic party and will seek re-election as a Democrat.

Showing himself as a cowardly, spineless RINO during the vote for the economic Stimulus package, he now has looked his political mortality in the face as those actions have spurred conservative candidate Pat Toomey to challenge him in the 2010Republican primary for his Senate seat. Toomey has already showed himself to be a strong candidate that would make Arlen run hard just to win the primary. Now he has chosen the easy way out and will run as a Democrat, dodging a primary bullet (unless a real Democrat mounts a challenge to him and makes him work for a spot in he election). Knowing just how much his defection will hurt the Republican's tenuous position in the Senate, Specter took the lowest of the low roads and turned on them when they were at their most vulnerable.

President Obama was given a note containing the Specter information during a news conference this morning. He indicated that he was pleased to have the turncoat on his side---(as he fits well with the rest of the political thugs in his administration)---and will give Arlen his full support. And of course, MO Senator Claire McCaskill, says the Republicans have no one to blame but themselves when they make a moderate Republican a vanishing species.

My perspective is more that this leaves the road open in at least one 2010 race for a real conservative who can likely beat Specter no matter what coat he wears when he runs.

Et tu Brute?

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