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Saturday, April 11, 2009

All I Can Hear is Chirping

President Obama hosts a Seder dinner at the White House and starts Pizza Wars between St. Louis and Chicago deep dish pizzerias on Friday. He will be trotting off to the Virgin Islands on Easter morning....meanwhile, during this entire time there is an American citizen being held captive by Somali pirates for nearly 4 days in a life boat and today an American tug flying an Italian flag with 16 aboard was taken by another band of pirates. The Somali pirates have threatened to kill the American Captain. They have openly mocked America saying "We are not afraid of you." Where is Obama and the administration on this issue???? Chirp...chirp....chirp...chirp

If this man dies while you are partying, (aka Nero fiddling while Rome burns), his blood is on YOUR hands. Swift and decisive action could have ended this long before this brave man a. gave himself up so that the rest of the crew would be saved and b. took matters into his own hands in a failed escape attempt. Chirp..chirp..chirp

Sorry Barry, but you can't vote "present" anymore. You are running out of Star Power and after your G20 tour, there are more and more people who are willing to see that the Emperor has no clothes. The world has seen that you were too busy to visit the Normandy beaches with French President Sarkoszy, but found plenty of time to visit several mosques and admire the name Hussein on one of the inscriptions. Your speeches belittled your country. Your wife had the audacity to touch the Queen of England and you bowed to the Saudi King. For those who were blinded by the B***S*** during your campaign, your true colors are now beginning to bleed through. Things get tough and you take a vacation.

When American citizens ANYWHERE are threatened with death and a motley band of rag tag pirates (read Islamic terrorists) with automatic weapons in a life boat are mocking YOU and YOUR ability (read willingness) to defeat them, while they are surrounded by the US Navy, for heaven's sake. it's time to man up..... that is, if you aren't truly impotent under all that veneer. Viagra, anyone????


  1. WOW, I think you pretty much summarized what everyone else in this country is thinking.

  2. You nailed it very eloquently. One can only hope Barry reads this.

  3. Dianne--one could only hope, but the chances are about 1 in 3 Trillion!

  4. I wish you wouldn't be so vague on what you really feel. Yes, I think I'm funny. You said it very well, and far kinder than I would! Time to end this comment before I use those words.

  5. Sigh. I know that's true, but one can hope. I'm so glad that Captain Phillips is now safe. No thanks to our Commander in Chief.