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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keeping the List!!

Tonight, the US House of Representatives passed HR 1, the Obama Pigs at the Trough Reinvestment Act. AKA American Reinvestment and Recovery Act or simply the Stimulus Package. The vote was 244 YEA and 188 NAY votes.

We all knew that the Democrats had enough votes to push this bill through, but thanks to a groundswell of populist clamor from a variety of netroots organizations including TCOT's Operation Melt the Phones. The 188 NAY votes were composed of ALL of the Republican representatives and 11 defecting Democrats. To see how YOUR representative voted, look here.

Please THANK your representative for upholding conservative principles of smaller government and fiscal responsibility. If your representative was a defecting Democrat, magnify your thanks 10-fold for their courage to buck the system.

And don't forget.....the Senate will be voting on this Obamanation of a bill next week, so keep those phone lines burning hot!! If we could do the same in the Senate, we could scuttle this bill---Maybe miracles really do happen. Call your Senator early and often, tell your friends to do the same, Twitter your senator, email them, pray---whatever it takes.

And don't forget to write your Thank you notes like your mom taught you.

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  1. I actually looked up zip codes in the various Reps of NC districts to Thank those who voted Nay, their sites all only take emails from those in their districts. Unfortunately my Rep voted Yes (i cannot understand how this guy keeps getting elected)...

    I am glad to see the GOP in the House grew a spine, praying the Senate does the same, already talked to my Senators. One looks like a Nay the other will be a Yes, grrrr