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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Doesn't Anyone Else See a Problem Here???

While I would like to believe that the stimulus package that is being proposed will bring an end to the recession and make things OK again, this is not CHANGE that I can BELIEVE IN. I, like most ordinary Americans, live on a budget that has to be balanced or I am in trouble. I cannot spend my way out of debt and if I spend more than I make, someone will be calling me or sending me letters reminding me that if I don't pay up.....well, it ain't gonna be pretty. After all, isn't spending beyond what we can afford what got us where we are in the first place??? So how can continuing along a poisonous path provide a cure??

The huge stimulus package that is being proposed seems like a case of Emperor's New Clothes, with a high sounding promise of "investment" (read entitlement) and "job creation" (in government jobs), however the devil is in the details. This is a wolf in sheep's clothing! Our stimulus package contains layer upon layer of pork dripping in grease and gravy. This bill is huge...1588 pages and $850Billion of OUR money. Can anyone really wrap their head around all of that. If you would like to TRY to read this package, you can see it in all its glory here.

The Treasury is now being headed by a tax cheat who was heralded as being "too important not to be approved" because he is "the only person who can understand the TARP!!" This package, just like the TARP, is being pushed through on the premise that "something" must be done NOW!! This, in spite, of the fact that the CBO has reported that most of the stimulus money will not be spent immediately. The government wouldn't be able to spend at least one-fourth of a proposed $825 billion economic stimulus plan until after 2010, according to a report by the CBO....Hardly the IMMEDIATE, BOLD, TARGETED stimulus "they" said we need.

The TARP package, which started this whole bailout mess, was supposed to be needed immediately (or the world would end), was not used for the purpose originally intended(those toxic assets are still there and credit is still locked up), had no oversight (banks were told to use it for lending, but they used it for almost everything else except lending) and has had NO positive effect on the economy (jobs in the private sector are being lost by the tens of thousands every day, but not in the bloated government sector where catharsis is needed!). We since have given money to the Big 3 auto companies, Freddie and Fannie are getting back in line for more because the first handout wasn't sufficient and NOW we are planning to throw nearly 1 TRILLION DOLLARS (that we don't have) at the problem. DOESN'T ANYONE SEE A PROBLEM HERE?????

Today President Obama met with the Republicans of both Houses of Congress to try to sell them on support for the Stimulus Package. With his fancy words he left some of them singing "Kumbaya" and HOPING for CHANGE. He has indicated that he would pull the portion of the stimulus package for family planning after San Fran Nan Pelosi let it be known that fewer mouths to feed would benefit the economy. The cautionary tale is that for all the salivating over this bone thrown to the conservatives, this was likely manufactured and put out there for the sole purpose of being taken back under the guise of bipartisan spirit. The Congressional Republicans would be well warned that WE THE PEOPLE are watching carefully what they do. We are making a list, checking it twice and will be using this list at the polls in 2010 and beyond.

President Obama knows that he can pass this Stimulus package WITHOUT REPUBLICAN SUPPORT, but he DOES NOT KNOW IF IT WILL WORK. So let him pass it on his own and all by himself......then when it is shown to be the piece of &%$@ that it really is and fails miserably, he and his band of merry thugs can take ALL the credit for the failure rather than "spreading it around."

It President Obama would like to stimulate the economy WITH cooperation by Conservatives, he would do well to look at jettisoning the IRS and instituting either a FLAT tax or a FAIR tax. A program that Tim Geithner would probably like, too!

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