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Monday, December 1, 2008

What To Get For The Gal Who Has Everything?

It is the question raised every year when Christmas comes along. The usual lament is "I can't think of anything to give her! She has everything!!" Well, this year the Indiana Planned Parenthood has the answer.......drum roll....Planned Parenthood Gift Certificates in denominations of $25! And, are you ready for this.....they are redeemable for...... services or the recipient’s choice of birth control method!!! (Services include abortions and there are women who use abortion as their preferred method of birth control....trust me, I'm a gynecologist.) Oh, don't forget, shoppers, these great certificates can also be purchased ONLINE!

Can't you just see the scene on Christmas morning, opening the beautifully wrapped present that contains not diamonds, not Prada, not Gucci, not Chanel, not Tiffany, not Rolex, not even Timex......but Planned Parenthood! Is the sparkle in her eye a tear of joy or humiliation??? Can't you imagine the sigh of envy that goes through those gathered around when you open your gift and everyone yells, "Let's see." "What did you get?" "Hold it up so we can all see it!" This is like giving an adolescent her first bra, wrapped up for Christmas to be opened in public. Or giving Grandma a case of Depends....sure she needs it, but what were they thinking???

The male significant other proclaims proudly, "See honey, you don't have to be punished with a baby!" While his lucky lady gushes back, "Oh, Honey, you are just the best guy in the world and now I don't have to worry about replicating your blood line!"

Can't you imagine Planned Parenthood gift certificates stuffed into a stocking hung by the chimney with care? Won't that make him a knight in shining armor in your eyes?? Or if this is a gift from your in-laws, the chill cast on the rest of the festivities will make the heat generated from the hot mulled cider so much more appreciated.

Has our country really sunk to such a low point that we can actually say that in America, (or at least in Indiana), we celebrate the birth of the Babe of Bethlehem by giving the gift of Planned Parenthood services? God help us all.


  1. Good Lord, I read the whole post waiting for the punchline. This is for REAL? How awful. It just makes me sad.

  2. Tammy Here is the link to the Indiana Planned Parenthood site so that you can see for yourself that it is, sadly, very real.


  3. This is such a digusting story..i wrote about it too.

  4. So...you think someone who uses abortion as their preferred method of birth control (you're postulating these people exist, I'm taking your word for it) would make a good parent? Or do you think maybe that person should be better informed about her birth control options?

  5. This is a direct quote from http://www.contracept.org using information from the Guttmacher Institute.

    "Using abortion as birth control means that abortion is being used as a back-up method to ineffective or improperly used contraception, or no contraception is being used at all. Of women having abortions,

    46% did not use contraception during the month they became pregnant
    8% never used a method of birth control
    47% have had at least one previous abortion "

    I cite this so that you understand that I didn't pull that statement out of thin air, and that you realize that most people in that category are well aware of birth control methods, but for any number of reasons are not motivated to take that step.

    Keep in mind, in addition, that there are thousands of infertile couples who would be eager to adopt if infants and children were available. Adoption is certainly another extremely viable option for the woman who chooses not to parent.

    And last, but not least, what message does this kind of "gift" project about the recipient?