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Thursday, December 18, 2008

We Say Merry Christmas!

Today I have the unusual luxury of a day off!! I have an agenda that is probably more jam-packed than what I would do at work--I will bake cookies, wrap presents for our adopted family so that they can be distributed next week, finally do my Christmas cards, do an insurance denial appeal report that is due tomorrow, and now writing this has risen to the top of my "To Do" List when it never was on it in the first place! So while my butter softens for the first batch of cookies, I want to share something that happened this morning.

While I had the luxury of sleeping in, my husband had an 8AM doctor's appointment so he was up at 5:30 so that he could get his AM exercise in before the appointment. Thus, I was up when it was still dark, too. At about 8:45 AM the phone rang and I assumed that it would be my husband with his report on what the doctor had to say, so I dashed to the phone and answered it only to hear the dreaded "May I speak to ...." that heralds a call from someone soliciting for something. We get a lot of these calls and more and more at this time of the year and in particular, THIS year.

This particular call turned out to be from the American Bible Society asking for money for Bibles for a mission project to the people of China. I will freely offer up for the sake of full disclosure that I have contributed to the American Bible Society in the past. So as the nice lady on the other side of the phone explained their need and how my potential donation would be used, I had already decided that I would give again and had mentally found a figure that I felt I could afford right now...one week before Christmas.

I think that the solicitor was actually surprised that I took the chance to give and didn't quibble about the suggested amount. When she had verified my address and name so that she could send me a the requisite information to mail a check (I do not make credit card charitable contributions over the phone), she concluded the conversation with "HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY."

My response to this was swift, strong, from my gut and even surprised me, but she was totally taken aback when I said, "Wait just a minute...I hope that YOU have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! If you are going to solicit for an organization that supplies the Word of God to people all over the world, there is NO reason to say anything but MERRY CHRISTMAS to anyone that you contact at this time of year! Be bold and stand strong in your faith."

After a brief pause to recover from my rant, she laughed softly, and almost with what I perceived as relief in her voice, she said, "You're right and I wish you and your family a most blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!. Thank you for correcting me."

I hope and pray that the American Bible Society is not asking their solicitors to be PC at Christmas, but frankly I cannot fathom that their donor list consists of people who do not espouse the Bible and its teachings, so why this would even be an issue is beyond me. And if you call someone who does not believe in the Christian teachings, you will have offended them long before you get to the Merry Christmas part at the end of the call and they will have likely hung up on you in the first place, so it isn't even an issue. So my most likely scenario is that this woman has been culturally lulled into drinking the PC Koolaid that makes you afraid to say Merry Christmas even to what should be a receptive audience. This is, indeed, sad. That Christians have become so spineless that we shrink from saying Merry Christmas during our own holiday even among like minded people says a lot about the strength and committment to our faith. Are we afraid to admit that we are Christians??? Are we bowing to the bullying of those who would try to erase every vestige of Christianity in our society??

II Timothy 1:12 For this reason I also suffer these things, but I am not ashamed; for I know whom I have believed and I am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day.

So, I will continue to loudly proclaim "Merry Christmas!" when I put money in the Salvation Army kettles outside my local merchants. I only send out Christmas cards that actually use the word Christmas on the face and in the inside greeting. My return address labels on all of the bills and mail that I post during the month of December will be Christmas labels. My Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments of all kinds including several miniature Navitity scenes that all who visit can readily see. And I will continue to boldly and proudly celebrate my faith in his most wonderful time of the year. Now my butter should be softened so that I can start on my Christmas cookies, so....A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS! And may God bless you in the New Year!

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  1. We say Merry Christmas at our house too!! Remembering the reason for the season and this season should never fall victim to the PC crowd.