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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Am So Proud of My Daughter

My daughter has been an ambivalent voter in the two previous Bush elections. My husband and I have tried to engage her in political thought and she has been reluctant before now. She embodies sound conservative principles in her life and actions, but she has not had any fire in her belly for political matters, somehow thinking that she was just one person of little significance or that the candidates did not speak for her. Yesterday afternoon she called me to grudgingly let me know that I could quit worrying, she had voted for McCain/Palin and then she made some comment about how silly I was to place so much emphasis on her one vote.

I let these things slide, because I also know that she was engaged in a spirited political discussion with her boyfriend (though they both voted for McCain/Palin and are like minded) that got so involved that they missed the exit on the interstate that they needed to take to join us for lunch on Sunday!

This morning I received an email from her with a simple message: "Are you sad....."

My reply was that I was a bit sad at the outcome, but energized at the challenges that are now clearly ahead for conservative voices in America.

Imagine my surprise when I got another email with her very cogent response:

What was done right = MARKETING.

What was done wrong = MARKETING.

I believe that this election was won by the best marketer.

I do have to say that I'm more interested in politics now because of this election. People seem to be so energized by him that I'd really like to watch and track the actual change that takes place vs. what he said he would do (even though he didn't say much other than "change")

She has been energized by a candidate that she did not back and yet she has been brought into political connection in this rough and tumble election because she saw a connection with her own profession. She finally understands how things happen and she sees the emptiness of "just words". I hope that if she decides to change jobs, she can find something in the conservative political arena..She would be awesome.

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  1. I do like your daughters line of thinking. And I do think that it is said that people were "sold" a president. He is comes across as a really slick telemarketer. It makes me wonder if he can really follow through with all the promises he has made.