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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bait and Switch

Bait and Switch is a commonly used, but ILLEGAL, tactic in the merchandising arena in which an item is advertised at an appealing price but when the customer comes to the store they are informed that either the item is not in stock or is not really what the consumer wants and they are steered to a more expensive item. This is a fraudulent advertising tactic that is punishable by U.S. law.

Have we just witnessed political bait and switch from Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson?? Today he announced that the whopping $700 billion bailout that was forced on us in the name of financial Armageddon and was to be used to buy up "toxic" mortgages to loosen up the banking loan industry will not be used for this and instead, there are new and different ways to use this money to invest in banks and to grease the skids for the credit card and auto and student loan arenas. I am outraged that we have been duped by our government and you should be too.

And to heap burning coals onto our heads, the auto industry that has been tenuous for years is looking for another handout (er...loan) to keep them from going under and AIG is getting a second handout and all on YOUR dollar. Are the airlines waiting in the wings--You betcha! Who else might be waiting in the wings with hands outstretched??? Just as our welfare system allows abuse by people who scam the system and are really not "entitled", we have just launched a huge system of industrial welfare and the corporate vultures are circling for whatever money they can get from the government gravy train.

Our elected officials must be told that this current situation is INTOLERABLE! Don't sit back and allow your hard earned money to be tossed down a rat hole and squandered by fat cats who have NO RIGHT to it. You worked hard for your money and have every right to say how it will be spent!!

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