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Friday, October 3, 2008

She Shoots....She Scores!!!

I am sure that Sarah Palin never got to read my "Open Letter to Sarah Palin" posted earlier this week, but in spite of this, she did many of the things that I thought she should do in the debate last night. As a result she stopped the bleeding wounds from her traumatic interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric. Going into the debate last night, frankly the bar was low for her and many of us were hoping that she would not implode before our eyes.

Thankfully last night "Sarah Plain and Tall" that we have come to love was present and she successfully polished up her image and in true Hockey Mom fashion, scored a hat trick.

1. Sarah talked knowledgeably and masterfully about energy and energy independence.

2. She gave a good exposition of her experience as a Governor as a microcosm of the national government.

3. She defended McCain's withdrawal in Iraq position well and contrasted it with the Obama strategy that would have been tantamount to "waving the white flag of surrender."

4. She was reassuring that there is an Iraq withdrawal strategy in a McCain presidency.

5. She talked past the MSM and directly to the people in the heartland of America who desperately needed to hear from her.

6. She was brutally honest that she is a "Washington Outsider" who has not made promises that she cannot keep.

7. She made it clear that as Vice President she would use her personal strengths in the areas of energy and disabilities to better the country.

8. She made good defenses of McCain's positions on tax cuts and business stimulation.

9. She portrayed a woman who could compete on a national dias with poise and confidence.

I can just see Sarah Palin, Angela Merkel and Tzipi Livni fixing the world over lunch at the kitchen table!

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