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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Now THIS is How to Spread the Wealth!!

There is a local contemporary Christian music station here in St. Louis (JOY FM 97.7 and 94.1) that is totally listener supported. They have a monthly Project JOY that they sponsor and each month the project does something good for the recipient. Last February, the project was Random Acts of Kindness. They encouraged the listeners to do something unrequested for someone who did not suspect that they would receive it just for the sheer joy of giving. Listeners phoned in to report the overwhelming surprise that met such acts as randomly paying for someone's fill-up at the gas pump, buying someone's groceries in the checkout line, shoveling the neighbor's drive, taking cookies to the elderly neighbor, asking a young mom if she would like a day out without the kids with you as the unpaid baby sitter.... the list went on and on, and the stories that were shared were truly heartwarming. Some of the people who did kind acts for strangers even had TROUBLE convincing them that they just wanted to do something nice with no strings attached!!

Thus today, when I ran across this story, I was moved to be sure it was shared. A Texas woman went to a home foreclosure auction with the intent to purchase a home for her son. During the auction, she struck up a conversation with a total stranger who happened to be the evicted homeowner of one of the properties and heard how she came to lose her home. Instead of buying that home for her son, the woman, on a whim, purchased the home for about 1/3 of what the owner had originally paid and gave it back to her. The home's owner will pay her back rather than the bank. This is truly a random act of kindness and exemplifies the way that wealth SHOULD be shared.

Barack Obama and his band of merry men (and women) should take a lesson from this woman. It has become very clear that he and his cronies are only willing to share YOUR piece of the pie. Joe Biden has an abysmal record (less than 1% of his income) of charitable giving and The Chosen One is only a little bit better and only in the most recent years has his giving reached the 5-6% level of charitable giving. Then today, the blogoshpere is buzzing with the revelation that BHO's dear aunt that he talks about in his first book has been found living in squalor in Boston and his Uncle Omar is reported to have been evicted from his apartment in a Boston housing project. Barack and his cronies should first learn that charity begins at home and experience the pure joy that accompanies a random act of kindness. Charity is not something that you can legislate or force.

It is much more blessed to give than to receive, and unlike Michelle Obama, I have always been proud of the my countrymen.

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