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Monday, September 22, 2008

That Down Syndrome Baby

During the silly season of politics just before an election, politics gets down and dirty with attacks on both sides. Some of the attacks are justified and others are just gratuitous insults. This year is no exception and, in fact, the personal attacks on Sarah Palin and her family have been blatantly abhorrent. That said, the comments revolving around one member of the Palin family that bother me the most are those regarding Sarah Palin's infant son, Trig. I am sick to death of hearing him referred to as "that Down Syndrome baby," "Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome baby", "the baby with Down Syndrome", etc.

Yes, Trig does have the genetic condition Down Syndrome. However, Trig is just a little defenseless baby. Trig is an individual just like your child with red hair, your child with freckles, your child who stutters, your child who cannot read well, your child who isn't the prettiest child in the class....he is just an innocent baby. He is loved just as much as your child. He will be cared for by a family that is totally accepting of his frailties. And blessedly, he may never realize the malice with which the appellation "that Down Syndrome baby" is associated.

The people who tout tolerance and acceptance for all people are the ones who are most unaccepting of Trig and the Palin's decision to bring this special child into their family and accept him for what he is rather than discarding him as "that Down Syndrome baby."


  1. Good for you! And I stand SOLID with you on this one! Thank you!

  2. Yes I'm sick and tired of hearing about him too. I don't think that the Palins should have politicized his condition to begin with, or even used any of their children as political props. But then again, she didn't really have much else to present to the public as evidence of her credibility or ability. I wish she would speak to the press like a normal candidate so we can see what she's really made of, and stop trotting out her kids to prove how strong her family values are. I mean, "Yay, she's a working mom!" Now lets demand that we hear what she knows and thinks--you know test her--like we would any man seeking office. Stop talking about her kids.

  3. Sadly, it makes you think the libs would have been happier if she had chosen not to deliver him. How sick. I still believe that the abortion epidemic in our country equals or is far worse than what happened in the holocaust. Sadly, people choose to blind themselves to that reality.