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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Goon Squads Arrive in Missouri

In a political milieu that is poisoned with barbs sent from both camps, it is sickening that we learned in the last few days that Obama Goon Squads will be hitting the streets in St. Louis, Kansas City and other areas of Missouri. Led by such notable figures as the Circuit attorneys of St. Louis City and St. Louis County, Jennifer Joyce and Robert McCulloch and other law enforcement officials they have pledged to carry out an intimidation effort against those that the Obama campaign identify as producing "misleading" statements or advertisements against the Senator. The squads, called "Truth" squads, will threaten libel litigation against those who speak out against Obama in ways that THEY determine are adverse. Can you say 1939 Germany, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini???

Both Joyce and McCulloch are Obama supporters and it appears that they are using their elected positions to catapult another crony into power through a blatant abuse of their elected positions. In addition, sheriffs in other counties have gotten on board with this movement. Whether libel suits can actually be carried out or not is debatable, however the threat is real, and as any lawyer knows, a suit can create havoc on so many levels for an individual even if the suit turns out to be frivolous and without merit.

There has also been no evidence provided that these officials will also be sweeping the media for adverse statements, advertisements or video media against the McCain/Palin ticket. To squelch any adverse expression on one side and allow the most base and vile filth to be spewed unfettered on the other side shows the HOPE and CHANGE that we can expect if Barack Hussein Obama and his minions are allowed to rise to supreme power over our country.

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  1. This completely freaks me out. If the good people who know better do not get off their cans and go vote in November..God help us all.