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Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin Declares Her Independence

Today, in a bombshell of an announcement, Alaska's governor Sarah Palin declared that not only would she not run for re-election for governor in 2010, but she would not finish out her term. In fact, she announced that she would turn over the reins of Alaska's government to Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell on July 26. The announcement was apparently a huge secret, the press conference was not announced far in advance, and the magnitude of the announcement sent the political wonks, Republican higher ups and Sarah Palin followers in general into a frenzy.

Her detractors gloated predictably
"It was an almost impossible mission, but in resigning from office with 17 months to go in her first term, Sarah Palin has made herself the bull goose loony of the GOP."
and some are waiting for the other shoe to drop ala Mark Sanford. More rational detractors opined that this was political suicide. The DNC already has pointed out that her decision is weak and the fodder for political ads is ready should she run for national office.

Her supporters say that this shows she is a real independent. They argue that her location in Alaskan isolation make any political aspirations all the more difficult to forge. The Governor has a book advance and is able to command speaking engagements which will further her ability to move her political aspirations ahead, but not while she is Governor of a distant state. Her legal expenses incurred in defending herself against frivolous charges have been a drain on the Palin personal resources and her family has borne the brunt of scathing smears from liberal detractors. All apparent reasons why she has taken the gamble of abdication.

A telling phrase from her press conference suggests that she may or may not continue to be a Republican loyalist, (payback for the trashing she received from her own party after the election was lost)
"I WILL support others who seek to serve, in or out of office, for the RIGHT reasons, and I don't care what party they're in or no party at all."
Perhaps she is positioning herself to be a part of an third party effort or an independent candidate.

Whatever the outcome, this is her personal Independence Day. She has rock star appeal when she appears publicly. She has a dedicated following of conservative men and women. She has secured some measure of financial security for herself and her family. She is young and still has a long political future ahead of her should she choose that path. She has paved the way for freedom to learn, write and polish her world view (that Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson felt that she did not possess). Margaret Thatcher, who is a fan of Sarah Palin, had to undergo a reformation to become more polished and properly spoken before she entered politics. Now Sarah Palin has the opportunity to do the same and whether she is a spokesperson or a fundraiser for conservative candidates or a candidate in her own right, Sarah Palin has now been set free.


  1. This was excellent. Thank you for summing up my thoughts perfectly!! I don't believe we've seen the end of Sarah, she's proven she's not a quitter and she's shown more integrity by stepping down yesterday then any other politician has in their little toe.

  2. The things I hope for may not be in Sarah's best interests. I'd like to see her give some blunt replies to her detractors and put them in their place, and then go on to be the hero of the Conservative movement all the way to the White House.