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Monday, June 8, 2009

Good Nurses Make Good Doctors

While surfing the internet for sites with medical flavor, I was pleased to find a great site for nurses. SCRUBS is a refreshing and bright ezine where the needs of today's nurse are addressed. When I was a medical student and later a resident in obstetrics and gynecology, medicine was different th an it is practiced today. There was less technology and lots more hands on interaction with the patients. Some of the most valuable bedside lessons that I learned, however, did not happen at the hands of my professors, but rather from the nurses who spent hours at the patient's bedside. Old school nurses taught me to "read" the patient's body language as it changed in the course of their illness or labor, to talk with them in general conversation to find out more about their attitudes and personalities, and to individualize my care to the patient and try to define ways to make them compliant under hardship.

Today it is a different world in the field of health care and, in certain ways, the change has not been for the better. The role of the physician and the nurse are modified in ways that we could hardly have predicted 30 years ago. The nurse and the physician have new rules to abide by in terms of patient length of stay and appropriate testing. Much more is required of both physicians and nurses in our litiginous society. Technology has enabled both physicians and nurses to be impersonal with telemetry at the nursing station and the EMR, with its cookie cutter phrases and check marked boxes, replacing carefully written notes.

Scrubs provides information for all aspects of the nurse's life. There are health, money, humor and lifestyle features, inspirational stories and even a sassy doctor/nurse point/ counterpoint column in which a doctor and a nurse address a specific topic so that you can get inside the other's head and see where they are coming from! With Showtime's Nurse Jackie being promoted heavily in print and even on billboards, there are also an entertainment area. To check the pulse of the readership, polls are sprinkled over the site. For the nurse who is stretched too thin due to "staffing for census" or fatiqued from 12 hour shifts, this site is an oasis for rejuvenation and a reminder of why we chose the medical field in the first place.



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